Planning a Vacation? Travel the World for Free, Try a Home Exchange

What is a Home Exchange you ask? It is the latest way to travel the world and make new life long friends, all while saving the money you would normally spend on a hotel room.

The concept is simple. You like to vacation in new destinations weather these are exotic, quaint, remote, or filled with attractions. So does everyone else. So what if someone could stay at your home while you stayed at theirs. Even better what if you have a second home, or are away or business from you primary home and want to save up credits for your home exchange vacation later on – a non-simultaneous exchange? You can do that too. So that way if you have a small vacation condo you can exchange this out several times and save up credits for a large villa in Paris when you want to take your vacation. This is a unique concept that allows home exchange members to trade credits amongst themselves.

Why Home Exchange.

1. A unique local experience. You get to live like a local, meet neighbors and friends and eat at local favorites.

2. Meet new Friends When making a home exchange you get to know about the other family, share interests and hobbies, learn about the area and plan a unique vacation.

3. Money. You can save a great deal by doing home exchanges.

Here is an estimation of the cost of a 3 week vacation for a family of 4 :

COSTS      HOTEL               HOME EXCHANGE

Flight $3600 $ 3600

Hotel $2200 $0

Car $1300 $0

Food $2600 $1100

TOTAL $9700 vs $4700

You can also save on Internet, have bikes to ride and DVD’s to watch for the kids and lots more savings. We have made life long friends and have gotten to travel and see things from the point of view of the locals, all over the world.

I hope this has spared your interest in making a home exchange, or at least to open your eyes to a new way to travel and see the world.


The Boomers Are Coming – And the Travel Industry is Ready!

One of the basic ‘must haves’ for a successful online business are having a product that people must have!

Seems simple enough, and now One of the biggest consumer markets is that of the ‘Retireing Baby Boomers’. Baby boomers have changed everything about the world we live in. For instance, they demanded the disposable diaper and the minivan…Now they’re about to reinvent travel. For example: There are more cruise ships under construction now, than all of the cruise ships in existence ever.

Travel is a multi trillion, yes trillion dollar business!!! That means that this product- Travel is in demand and growing. Over the next 20 years, there will be more people retiring than any time in history. Those retirees will have saved money and want to travel. At the class reunions of baby boomers, surveys have been taken, and most all boomers say they expect to travel when they’re retired. As a group boomers are savers and have the means to Travel!

This product- Travel- that is something most of us want to do at some point in their lives. All online sites sell the same seats, cabins and hotel rooms as any other Travel site…and the travelers just reap the benefits of the online competition. That is what makes the travel business the online business of the future.

Basically I’m saying, there are a lot of cruise ships and resorts being built, a lot of rooms are to be able to be sold and lots of Boomers wanting to travel. Thanks, mostly to the baby boomers; Travel as a home business is a new phenomenon, and will grow exponentially by the baby boomer’s that are retiring in the next 20 years.

With travel as home business, there is a huge market that is wanting this product. And with online travel booking- they can book there travel at midnight in there underwear. We all have family, friends and acquaintances that want to travel. And who be well positioned to give them what they want?

Plus with this home business, there are no keeping any planes or cruise ship in your garage!